BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f14l10n: Updates to French (fr) translationmrtom4 years
f15Required memory for installation - BZ#736744John J. McDonough3 years
f16Save off latest Fedora 16 tx changesJohn J. McDonough3 years
f17Added copy of an email asking devel-announce for help with RNs.Pete Travis3 years
f18updating revision historyPete Travis2 years
f19updating POTs after fixing a typoPete Travis22 months
f20commenting out a link that shouldn't be there, in bcache beatPete Travis15 months
f21pulling ja-JP translationsPete Travis7 weeks
masterUpdate yearPetr Kovar48 hours
prereleaseUpdate prelease branch for F22-rawhidePete Travis2 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  release-notes-22-01.tar.gz  release-notes-22-01.tar.xz  Pete Travis2 months  release-notes-22.01.tar.gz  release-notes-22.01.tar.xz  Pete Travis2 months  release-notes-20.09.tar.gz  release-notes-20.09.tar.xz  Pete Travis4 months  release-notes-21.08.tar.gz  release-notes-21.08.tar.xz  Pete Travis5 months  container-notes.tar.gz  container-notes.tar.xz  Pete Travis6 months  release-notes-21.06.tar.gz  release-notes-21.06.tar.xz  Pete Travis7 months  release-notes-21.05.tar.gz  release-notes-21.05.tar.xz  Pete Travis7 months  release-notes-21.04.tar.gz  release-notes-21.04.tar.xz  Pete Travis7 months  release-notes-21-04.tar.gz  release-notes-21-04.tar.xz  Pete Travis7 months  release-notes-21-03.tar.gz  release-notes-21-03.tar.xz  Pete Travis8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
48 hoursUpdate yearHEADmasterPetr Kovar1-1/+1
48 hoursAdd link to GNOME release notesPetr Kovar1-0/+1
2 daysDisabled repositories supportPetr Bokoc1-0/+15
3 daysAdd section on GNOMEPetr Kovar1-9/+28
3 daysAdd section on Plasma 5.Robert Krátký1-2/+4
3 daysLohit2 Odia fontPetr Bokoc1-0/+16
3 daysMinglish input methodPetr Bokoc1-0/+13
3 dayswxPython 3Petr Bokoc1-0/+13
4 dayspython-dateutil 2.4Petr Bokoc1-0/+16
4 daysGradle 2.2Petr Bokoc1-5/+16