BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f16Save off latest Fedora 16 tx changesJohn J. McDonough3 years
f17Added copy of an email asking devel-announce for help with RNs.Pete Travis3 years
f18updating revision historyPete Travis3 years
f19updating POTs after fixing a typoPete Travis2 years
f20commenting out a link that shouldn't be there, in bcache beatPete Travis20 months
f21pulling ja-JP translationsPete Travis7 months
f22Fix: man dnf.confStephen Wadeley8 days
f23bump version in zanata.xmlPete Travis7 days
masterand bump HEREPete Travis12 days
prereleaseUpdate prelease branch for F22-rawhidePete Travis8 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  release-notes-23.01.tar.gz  release-notes-23.01.tar.xz  Pete Travis13 days  release-notes-22.02.tar.gz  release-notes-22.02.tar.xz  Pete Travis5 months  release-notes-22-01.tar.gz  release-notes-22-01.tar.xz  Pete Travis8 months  release-notes-22.01.tar.gz  release-notes-22.01.tar.xz  Pete Travis8 months  release-notes-20.09.tar.gz  release-notes-20.09.tar.xz  Pete Travis10 months  release-notes-21.08.tar.gz  release-notes-21.08.tar.xz  Pete Travis10 months  container-notes.tar.gz  container-notes.tar.xz  Pete Travis12 months  release-notes-21.06.tar.gz  release-notes-21.06.tar.xz  Pete Travis13 months  release-notes-21.05.tar.gz  release-notes-21.05.tar.xz  Pete Travis13 months  release-notes-21.04.tar.gz  release-notes-21.04.tar.xz  Pete Travis13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
12 daysand bump HEREHEADmasterPete Travis1-1/+1
13 daysrevhistory retryPete Travis1-1/+17
13 daysRevert "bump revhistory"Pete Travis1-16/+1
13 daysbump revhistory23.01Pete Travis1-1/+16
13 daysadjust mono change target audiencePete Travis3-41/+24
13 daysbe more literal about "default interpreter". Adjust for target audience.Pete Travis1-1/+10
13 daysadjust python change for target audiencePete Travis1-26/+6
13 daysremoving stray >Pete Travis1-1/+1
13 daysnew, complete sentences!Pete Travis1-1/+1
13 daysprodver.Pete Travis1-1/+1