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mastervirt-viewer: Make update_display() more readableFabiano Fidêncio4 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  virt-viewer-2.0.tar.gz  virt-viewer-2.0.tar.xz  Daniel P. Berrange3 months  virt-viewer-1.0.tar.gz  virt-viewer-1.0.tar.xz  Daniel P. Berrange8 months  virt-viewer-0.6.0.tar.gz  virt-viewer-0.6.0.tar.xz  Daniel P. Berrange14 months  virt-viewer-0.5.7.tar.gz  virt-viewer-0.5.7.tar.xz  Daniel P. Berrange20 months  virt-viewer-0.5.6.tar.gz  virt-viewer-0.5.6.tar.xz  Daniel P. Berrange23 months  virt-viewer-0.5.5.tar.gz  virt-viewer-0.5.5.tar.xz  Daniel P. Berrange2 years  virt-viewer-0.5.4.tar.gz  virt-viewer-0.5.4.tar.xz  Daniel P. Berrange3 years  virt-viewer-0.5.3.tar.gz  virt-viewer-0.5.3.tar.xz  Daniel P. Berrange3 years  virt-viewer-0.5.2.tar.gz  virt-viewer-0.5.2.tar.xz  Daniel P. Berrange3 years  virt-viewer-0.5.1.tar.gz  virt-viewer-0.5.1.tar.xz  Daniel P. Berrange3 years
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4 daysvirt-viewer: Make update_display() more readableHEADmasterFabiano Fidêncio1-5/+3
4 daysvirt-viewer: Do not wait for a guest that will never show upFabiano Fidêncio1-1/+1
4 daysremote-viewer: Avoid simple_message_dialog() when errors can be propagatedFabiano Fidêncio1-1/+1
4 daysvirt-viewer: Avoid simple_message_dialog() when errors can be propagatedFabiano Fidêncio1-10/+6
4 daysvirt-viewer-app: create_session() should return a booleanFabiano Fidêncio4-11/+11
4 daysvirt-viewer-app: Add a GError arg to create_session()Fabiano Fidêncio4-13/+11
4 daysvirt-viewer: Add a GError arg to update_display()Fabiano Fidêncio1-4/+4
4 daysvirt-viewer: Add a GError arg to extract_connect_info()Fabiano Fidêncio1-2/+19
5 daysDo not use comments that are not in EnglishFabiano Fidêncio1-1/+1
7 daysvirt-viewer: Clean up if no vm was chosenPavel Grunt1-1/+1