BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f13-branchNew version.Chris Lumens7 years
f14-branchNew version for F14 (#642560).Chris Lumens6 years
f18-branchNew version.Chris Lumens4 years
f7-branchNew version for an update.clumens9 years
f8-branchCopy translation file into the source directory. All this is needed toclumens9 years
masterAdd a new that the repo has moved.Chris Lumens2 years
redhat-config-kickstart-taroonAdded python2.4 getopt so we have the gnu_getopt function and can properlyclumens12 years
rhel4-branchNew version.clumens10 years
rhel5-branchAnother new version.Chris Lumens6 years
rhel6-branchNew version.Chris Lumens4 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  r2.9.1-1.tar.gz  r2.9.1-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens4 years  r2.9.0-1.tar.gz  r2.9.0-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens4 years  r2.8.6.5-1.tar.gz  r2.8.6.5-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens4 years  r2.8.6.4-1.tar.gz  r2.8.6.4-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens6 years  r2.8.8-1.tar.gz  r2.8.8-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens6 years  r2.6.19.9-2.tar.gz  r2.6.19.9-2.tar.xz  Chris Lumens6 years  r2.6.19.9-1.tar.gz  r2.6.19.9-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens6 years  r2.8.6.3-1.tar.gz  r2.8.6.3-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens6 years  r2.8.7-1.tar.gz  r2.8.7-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens6 years  r2.8.6.2-1.tar.gz  r2.8.6.2-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2015-01-23Add a new that the repo has moved.HEADmasterChris Lumens39-13237/+1
2015-01-05New version.Chris Lumens1-1/+4
2014-10-02Fix name of getInstalledLangs (#1135813).Chris Lumens1-1/+1
2013-07-26New version.Chris Lumens2-2/+8
2013-07-26Transifex has moved, so update the config.Chris Lumens1-1/+1
2013-07-26Remove the Japanese-specific man page.Chris Lumens4-43/+1
2013-07-26Update the system-config-kickstart man page to something useful (#948447).Chris Lumens1-17/+23
2013-05-14Fix a typo.Chris Lumens1-1/+1
2013-04-10New version.r2.9.1-1Chris Lumens2-93/+96
2013-04-10Fix an error reading the timezone in generate mode (#916346, #924764).Chris Lumens1-10/+3