BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterIPA: use forest name when looking up the Global CatalogSumit Bose28 hours
sssd-1-10Check slot validity before MC_SLOT_TO_PTR.Michal Zidek3 years
sssd-1-11Updating the version for the 1.11.9 releaseJakub Hrozek3 months
sssd-1-12sysdb-tests: Fix warning - incompatible pointer typePavel Reichl3 months
sssd-1-13IPA: use forest name when looking up the Global CatalogSumit Bose28 hours
sssd-1-5SIGCHLD handler: do not call callback when pvt data where freedPavel Březina3 years
sssd-1-6Fix potential resource leak in backup_file.cStephen Gallagher4 years
sssd-1-7Importing new translations for 1.7.0 releaseStephen Gallagher4 years
sssd-1-8sysdb: try dealing with binary-content attributesJan Engelhardt3 years
sssd-1-9Updating version for 1.9.8Jakub Hrozek18 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  sssd-1_13_4.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_4.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek6 weeks  sssd-1_11_8.tar.gz  sssd-1_11_8.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek3 months  sssd-1_13_3.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_3.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek5 months  sssd-1_13_2.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_2.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek6 months  sssd-1_13_1.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_1.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 months  sssd-1_13_0.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_0.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek11 months  sssd-1_13_0_alpha.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_0_alpha.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek11 months  sssd-1_12_90.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_90.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek11 months  sssd-1_12_5.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_5.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek11 months  sssd-1_12_4.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_4.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
28 hoursIPA: use forest name when looking up the Global CatalogHEADmasterSumit Bose1-1/+1
6 daysAD: Do not schedule the machine renewal task if adcli is not executableJakub Hrozek1-0/+9
6 daysUTIL: exit() the forked process if exec()-ing a child process failsJakub Hrozek9-96/+85
13 daysTOOLS: Fix warning maybe-uninitializedLukas Slebodnik1-0/+1
2016-05-11RESPONDER: Removing of redudant functionPetr Cech2-31/+0
2016-05-11RESPONDER: Removing ncache from sudo_ctxPetr Cech3-15/+3
2016-05-11RESPONDER: Removing ncache from pam_ctxPetr Cech4-21/+8
2016-05-11RESPONDER: Removing ncache from pac_ctxPetr Cech3-14/+1
2016-05-11RESPONDER: Removing ncache from ifp_ctxPetr Cech5-23/+13
2016-05-11RESPONDER: Removing ncache from nss_ctxPetr Cech7-72/+40