BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterJust return NULL if tevent_req_create() failsSumit Bose3 days
sssd-1-10Check slot validity before MC_SLOT_TO_PTR.Michal Zidek2 years
sssd-1-11KRB5: Adding DNS SRV lookup for krb5 providerPetr Cech4 days
sssd-1-12NSS: Fix memory leak netgroupPavel Reichl4 days
sssd-1-13NSS: Fix memory leak netgroupPavel Reichl10 days
sssd-1-5SIGCHLD handler: do not call callback when pvt data where freedPavel Březina2 years
sssd-1-6Fix potential resource leak in backup_file.cStephen Gallagher4 years
sssd-1-7Importing new translations for 1.7.0 releaseStephen Gallagher4 years
sssd-1-8sysdb: try dealing with binary-content attributesJan Engelhardt3 years
sssd-1-9Updating version for 1.9.8Jakub Hrozek14 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  sssd-1_13_3.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_3.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek2 months  sssd-1_13_2.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_2.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek3 months  sssd-1_13_1.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_1.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek5 months  sssd-1_13_0.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_0.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek7 months  sssd-1_13_0_alpha.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_0_alpha.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 months  sssd-1_12_90.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_90.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 months  sssd-1_12_5.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_5.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 months  sssd-1_12_4.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_4.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek12 months  sssd-1_12_3.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_3.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek13 months  sssd-1_9_7.tar.gz  sssd-1_9_7.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysJust return NULL if tevent_req_create() failsHEADmasterSumit Bose5-10/+5
4 daysSPEC: Move outside sssd-commonLukas Slebodnik1-4/+15
6 daysSDAP: Add error code to debug messagePavel Reichl1-2/+4
6 daysintg: Change preference of openldap module pathLukas Slebodnik1-2/+2
10 daysNSS: Fix memory leak netgroupPavel Reichl1-12/+29
11 daysIDMAP: Man change for ldap_idmap_range_size optionPavel Reichl1-1/+3
11 daysPYTHON: Fix pep8 errors in sss_obfuscateLukas Slebodnik1-5/+8
11 daysPYTHON: sss_obfuscate should work with python3Lukas Slebodnik1-11/+13
12 daysserver-tests: Fix clean-up after successful testLukas Slebodnik1-1/+1
12 daysTESTS: Fix race condition in python testLukas Slebodnik2-34/+32