BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUTIL: Revent connection handling in sssd_async_connect_sendLukas Slebodnik10 hours
sssd-1-10Check slot validity before MC_SLOT_TO_PTR.Michal Zidek3 years
sssd-1-11Updating the version for the 1.11.9 releaseJakub Hrozek4 months
sssd-1-12sysdb-tests: Fix warning - incompatible pointer typePavel Reichl4 months
sssd-1-13pam-srv-tests: Increase cached_auth_timeoutLukas Slebodnik3 weeks
sssd-1-5SIGCHLD handler: do not call callback when pvt data where freedPavel Březina3 years
sssd-1-6Fix potential resource leak in backup_file.cStephen Gallagher5 years
sssd-1-7Importing new translations for 1.7.0 releaseStephen Gallagher5 years
sssd-1-8sysdb: try dealing with binary-content attributesJan Engelhardt3 years
sssd-1-9Updating version for 1.9.8Jakub Hrozek19 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  sssd-1_13_90.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_90.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 days  sssd-1_14_0_alpha1.tar.gz  sssd-1_14_0_alpha1.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek8 days  sssd-1_13_4.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_4.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek3 months  sssd-1_11_8.tar.gz  sssd-1_11_8.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek4 months  sssd-1_13_3.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_3.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek6 months  sssd-1_13_2.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_2.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek7 months  sssd-1_13_1.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_1.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek9 months  sssd-1_13_0.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_0.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek12 months  sssd-1_13_0_alpha.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_0_alpha.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek12 months  sssd-1_12_90.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_90.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 hoursUTIL: Revent connection handling in sssd_async_connect_sendHEADmasterLukas Slebodnik1-1/+9
10 hoursUTIL: Fix debug message in sssd_async_connect_doneLukas Slebodnik1-0/+1
29 hoursPrepare ini schema with rules for validationLukas Slebodnik4-3/+621
29 hoursconfdb: Check for config file errors on sssd startupMichal Židek5-5/+61
30 hoursconfdb: Make it possible to use config snippetsMichal Židek10-27/+98
35 hourssssctl: new toolPavel Březina11-0/+1665
35 hoursIFP: Provide domain and failover statusPavel Březina8-1/+219
35 hoursDP: Add org.freedesktop.sssd.DataProvider.FailoverPavel Březina9-24/+164
35 hoursDP: Add org.freedesktop.sssd.DataProvider.BackendPavel Březina7-0/+142
35 hoursDP: Add function to get be_ctx directly from dp_clientPavel Březina3-3/+12