BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
F-15Bump teeny to form 0.15.7Jeroen van Meeuwen3 years
F-16Bump teeny for a release to f16Jeroen van Meeuwen3 years
armadd minimal tegra kickstartDennis Gilmore3 years
f17Remove root passwordAdam Williamson24 months
f18Remove root passwordAdam Williamson24 months
f19Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/f19' into f19Bruno Wolff III23 months
f20use no_timer_check boot option -- see Miller11 months
f21docker: Don't use a hardcoded root passwordColin Walters3 weeks
f22Revert "kde: Enable folderview on kde live"Rex Dieter7 days
mastercinnamon: increase the underlying filesystem to 6.5G since 6G is a tad too smallDennis Gilmore20 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  spin-kickstarts-0.22.5.tar.gz  spin-kickstarts-0.22.5.tar.xz  Rex Dieter7 days  spin-kickstarts-0.23.2.tar.gz  spin-kickstarts-0.23.2.tar.xz  Rex Dieter7 days  spin-kickstarts-0.21.11.tar.gz  spin-kickstarts-0.21.11.tar.xz  Bruno Wolff III5 weeks  spin-kickstarts-0.23.1.tar.gz  spin-kickstarts-0.23.1.tar.xz  Colin Walters5 weeks  spin-kickstarts-0.22.4.tar.gz  spin-kickstarts-0.22.4.tar.xz  Luya Tshimbalanga5 weeks  F22-Alpha.tar.gz  F22-Alpha.tar.xz  Kevin Fenzi3 months  spin-kickstarts-0.23.0.tar.gz  spin-kickstarts-0.23.0.tar.xz  Adam Williamson3 months  spin-kickstarts-0.22.3.tar.gz  spin-kickstarts-0.22.3.tar.xz  Adam Williamson3 months  spin-kickstarts-0.21.10.tar.gz  spin-kickstarts-0.21.10.tar.xz  Adam Williamson6 months  spin-kickstarts-0.21.9.tar.gz  spin-kickstarts-0.21.9.tar.xz  Bruno Wolff III6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
20 hourscinnamon: increase the underlying filesystem to 6.5G since 6G is a tad too smallHEADmasterDennis Gilmore1-1/+1
21 hoursfix up includes on the cinnamon spinDennis Gilmore1-2/+2
21 hourscinnamon: add the cinnaomon spin, as approved by FESCoDennis Gilmore2-0/+89
24 hoursMate: move all the adding of packages into the -packages snippet,Dennis Gilmore3-78/+70
25 hoursmake the livecd version of the kde kickstart the live oneDennis Gilmore2-94/+46
36 hoursrename all the live kickstarts to be just live.Dennis Gilmore7-0/+0
7 daysRevert "kde: Enable folderview on kde live"0.23.2Rex Dieter1-9/+0
10 dayskde: Enable folderview on kde liveRex Dieter1-0/+9
13 daysdocker: Use bootloader --none to work around Anaconda regressionColin Walters1-1/+1
2015-05-13cloud-atomic-vagrant: Set root's password to vagrant tooColin Walters1-0/+1