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* Merge branch 'master' into bug/783603bug/783603John Mazzitelli2013-02-26234-1687/+4118
| * BZ911327 - [EAP 6.1] Restarting servers in server-group failsThomas Segismont2013-02-262-10/+15
| * [Bug 881848 - Resource availability type remains in state unknown after appli...Jay Shaughnessy2013-02-262-1/+24
| * Update development version to 4.7.0-SNAPSHOT.Stefan Negrea2013-02-25142-163/+163
| * Don't access the resource to delete transactionally and hold it while tryingJay Shaughnessy2013-02-221-27/+6
| * Fix tests so they run on windows as well.Jay Shaughnessy2013-02-221-11/+9
| * Unifying the width of buttons in the toolstrip (removing autoFit by default, ...Jirka Kremser2013-02-226-88/+0
| * Adding the API checks to the script bindings.Lukas Krejci2013-02-223-4/+35
| * [BZ 913778] fix NPEJohn Mazzitelli2013-02-221-1/+2
| * [BZ 913606] agent will send a full avail report if the server tells it at con...John Mazzitelli2013-02-214-5/+36
| * this should not be hereJohn Mazzitelli2013-02-211-0/+0
| * This should allow us to run Arquillian's spawned AS7 instances (forJay Shaughnessy2013-02-214-0/+52
| * don't deprecate these methods - criteria is nice, but these specific methods ...John Mazzitelli2013-02-211-5/+9
| * netservices plugin strengtheningThomas Segismont2013-02-2115-435/+1295
| * Add getAlerts4Definition, extend testingHeiko W. Rupp2013-02-214-17/+386
| * Add a get group by id case with valid idHeiko W. Rupp2013-02-211-6/+18
| * [BZ 912478] Add managed server deployment as parent for the web subsystem res...Stefan Negrea2013-02-201-0/+1
| * [BZ 913121 - Manual import from resource tree's context menu opens the create...Jirka Kremser2013-02-201-11/+13
| * Add another test for the work done in Bug 912871.Jay Shaughnessy2013-02-201-11/+85
| * [Bug 912871 - Perf: resource configuration update taking a lot of backend res...Jay Shaughnessy2013-02-195-80/+86
| * [BZ 912525] add new concurrency limit for configuration updatesJohn Mazzitelli2013-02-196-0/+48
| * Follow the recent changes in availability handling and add another test.Heiko W. Rupp2013-02-192-2/+61
| * BZ911172 - Creating mail server fails with EAP 6.1.0.DR4 if outbound-socket-b...Thomas Segismont2013-02-191-3/+3
| * Fix AS7 plugin itest failures due to misuse of context.getNativeProcessThomas Segismont2013-02-192-53/+65
| * Fix resource bulk delete when the resource is a member ofJay Shaughnessy2013-02-183-2/+38
| * Inventory sync no longer schedules avail check runs in response toJay Shaughnessy2013-02-162-0/+8
| * the name of the perftest sysprops are different nowJohn Mazzitelli2013-02-151-2/+2
| * Fix test to reflect the improved behavior when mergeAvailabilityReportJay Shaughnessy2013-02-151-7/+13
| * Fix the JNDI access integration test. Default activation of profiles in MavenLukas Krejci2013-02-151-2/+8
| * Fix JMX plugin test failureThomas Segismont2013-02-141-5/+5
| * [BZ 909157 - Operation parameters are not shown in schedule operation details...Jirka Kremser2013-02-141-7/+7
| * installer now provides a "--force" option - this lets you re-run the installe...John Mazzitelli2013-02-143-22/+73
| * The apache integration tests are now resilient against apache servers running...Lukas Krejci2013-02-144-79/+146
| * append to the installer log so we don't lose any installer log messages when ...John Mazzitelli2013-02-131-1/+2
| * Fix the expectations of the JMock-based apache plugin integration testsLukas Krejci2013-02-132-61/+83
| * Fix issues in mergeAvailabilityReport "repair code". This is code thatJay Shaughnessy2013-02-131-62/+87
| * Fix test given slight change in avail behavior. In commit c516ad09fcebcedfd1...Jay Shaughnessy2013-02-131-4/+4
| * To maintain the test dep ordering, which is sometimes important, and definitelJay Shaughnessy2013-02-121-178/+178
| * Fix a transactioning issue with agent backfill. It was possible for the Agent toJay Shaughnessy2013-02-123-8/+9
| * Simplify availability logic by removing the legacy assumption that an availab...Jay Shaughnessy2013-02-124-44/+30
| * [BZ 902823 - Nonsense data returned as backing content of non-content-backed...Jirka Kremser2013-02-121-2/+2
| * [BZ 893802 [as7] Restart operation fails to start AS when shutdown hasn't com...Jirka Kremser2013-02-121-1/+2
| * Disable JMXPluginTest (Sigar getProcCredName issue)Thomas Segismont2013-02-121-6/+8
| * Move few more test-jar dependencies to the test specific profile.Stefan Negrea2013-02-113-31/+88
| * Move more dependencies to special test profile to avoid resolution if tests a...Stefan Negrea2013-02-112-35/+72
| * Add Criteria.getSingleResult() convenience method.Jay Shaughnessy2013-02-112-4/+72
| * Move test jar dependency to test specific profile.Stefan Negrea2013-02-111-10/+27
| * Scalability work to chunk processing of availability reports. Start outsideJay Shaughnessy2013-02-094-182/+293
| * provide a --quiet option to avail prompt commandJohn Mazzitelli2013-02-082-14/+24
| * Move test-jar dependencies to the special test profile.Stefan Negrea2013-02-082-12/+30