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RHQ_4_9_0_JON320GA/bug/1066183[1060223] Bundle deployment in JBoss ON 3.2.0 when using Oracle as a backend ...Jay Shaughnessy3 years
bug/CME_In_PCConcurrentModificationException found in RuntimeDiscoveryExecutorThomas Segismont3 years
feature/agent-in-server[BZ 1068789] - rhq scripts won't work in Ubuntu derived distributions - Using...Jirka Kremser3 years
jsanda/metrics-schemaadding some initial support for failure handlingJohn Sanda3 years
masterBZ 1044986 - fix rhqctl script so it doesn't hang when starting the agent in ...John Mazzitelli3 years
mtho11/bz1034512ReleaseJon32x[1057255] Group avail chart incorrectJay Shaughnessy3 years
rc/jon3.2.1.DR1[BZ 1035501] - Remove Add Graph to Monitor View Menu Item in Resource Tree - ...Jirka Kremser3 years
release/jon3.2.x[BZ 1005951] ScriptServer resource availability regular expression matchingJay Shaughnessy3 years
spinder/cumulative A few more updates for independent versioning of rhq-core-domain as used in ...Simeon Pinder3 years
stefan/BZ1021018[BZ 1021018] Use the plugin configuration timeout for async availability chec...Stefan Negrea3 years
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2014-02-27BZ 1044986 - fix rhqctl script so it doesn't hang when starting the agent in ...HEADmasterJohn Mazzitelli1-1/+1
2014-02-27[BZ 1065680] - Agent admin page should list the installed plugins - Implement...Jirka Kremser9-3/+206
2014-02-27Adding Libor to !jon-team irc bot command.Jirka Kremser1-0/+1
2014-02-26[915532] [apache] Unable to discover Apache httpd on Windows if Include...Jay Shaughnessy1-6/+6
2014-02-26[915532] [apache] Unable to discover Apache httpd on Windows if Include direc...Jay Shaughnessy1-39/+49
2014-02-26proudly added myself to bot's awarenessLibor Zoubek1-0/+1
2014-02-25BZ 1069793 - fix the group creation from within bundle wizardJohn Mazzitelli2-9/+19
2014-02-25[1069887] Manual add can create duplicate resourcesJay Shaughnessy5-12/+32
2014-02-25Support postgres WITH queriesJay Shaughnessy1-2/+3
2014-02-25remove useless and confusing annotation. Length attr is used for DDLJay Shaughnessy1-2/+0