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mastercollect ova images alsoDennis Gilmore22 hours
secondary-archMerge branch 'master' into secondary-archDennis Gilmore3 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  rawhide-stable.tar.gz  rawhide-stable.tar.xz  Dennis Gilmore3 days
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22 hourscollect ova images alsoHEADmasterDennis Gilmore1-1/+2
23 hoursfix up the gathering of cloud and docker imagesDennis Gilmore1-5/+5
3 daystweak up things so that we use better values for version and releaserawhide-stableDennis Gilmore1-6/+6
3 daysadd missing \Dennis Gilmore1-1/+1
3 daysadd vagrant cloud image. need to refactor cloud scriptDennis Gilmore1-1/+28
5 daysmove the cloud image structure to match that of the other deliverablesDennis Gilmore1-7/+7
5 daysMake the Server Image directory in teh right placeDennis Gilmore1-1/+1
5 daysadd f23 keysDennis Gilmore1-0/+2
6 daysper adamw drom memory to 3700MiBDennis Gilmore1-3/+3
6 dayslimit to 4GiB the memory that is used by xz.Dennis Gilmore1-3/+3