BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f12-branchNew version.Chris Lumens4 years
f15-branchNew version.Chris Lumens3 years
f7-branchMake sure all docs get included in the source tarball.Chris Lumens6 years
f8-branchNew version.Chris Lumens6 years
f9-branchUse the F9_Partition class for F9 "part" command.David Lehman6 years
masterFix up some printing problems in some of the tools.Chris Lumens12 days
originFix typo.Chris Lumens6 years
rhel5-branchNew version.Chris Lumens3 years
rhel6-branchNew version.Chris Lumens8 months
rhel7-branchNew version.Chris Lumens8 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge  r1.99.53-1.tar.gz  r1.99.53-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens3 weeks  r1.99.52-1.tar.gz  r1.99.52-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens4 weeks  r1.99.51-1.tar.gz  r1.99.51-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens5 weeks  r1.99.50-1.tar.gz  r1.99.50-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens5 weeks  r1.99.43.10-1.tar.gz  r1.99.43.10-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens8 weeks  r1.99.43.9-1.tar.gz  r1.99.43.9-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens2 months  r1.99.43.8-1.tar.gz  r1.99.43.8-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens2 months  r1.99.49-1.tar.gz  r1.99.49-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens2 months  r1.99.43.7-1.tar.gz  r1.99.43.7-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens3 months  r1.99.43.6-1.tar.gz  r1.99.43.6-1.tar.xz  Chris Lumens3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
12 daysFix up some printing problems in some of the tools.HEADmasterChris Lumens2-13/+19
12 daysAdd support for the --listversions option to ksverdiff too.Chris Lumens1-1/+10
12 daysRun pylint on tools/, and fix up all the errors.Chris Lumens5-41/+39
12 daysdisable-msg -> disable for pylint.Chris Lumens4-9/+9
2014-03-31New version.r1.99.53-1Chris Lumens3-3/+7
2014-03-28ostreesetup: New commandColin Walters4-3/+117
2014-03-26Move commandMap and dataMap setting into the individual handler classes.Chris Lumens26-1794/+1895
2014-03-21New version.r1.99.52-1Chris Lumens3-20/+36
2014-03-21Take care of all the unused argument warnings.Chris Lumens7-21/+16
2014-03-21Take care of all the unused variable warnings.Chris Lumens38-44/+47