BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
activeobject712521 - If remoteurl is set as part of package object in primary use that fo...Pradeep Kilambi6 years
cancel_syncAdding a 'stop' method to activeobject and allowing interrupting a curl.perfo...John Matthews6 years
masterAutomatic commit of package [grinder] release [0.1.14-1].Pradeep Kilambi4 years
metadata-perfMerge branch 'master' into metadata-perfPradeep Kilambi4 years
multiprocessingMerge branch 'master' into multiprocessingJohn Matthews6 years
pulp_1.0Automatic commit of package [grinder] release [0.0.144-1pulp_1.0].Pradeep Kilambi5 years
pulp_v1.1Automatic commit of package [grinder] release [0.0.150-1].Jeff Ortel4 years
rhuiAutomatic commit of package [grinder] release [].John Matthews3 years
save_resume_downloadadding unit test to validate write functionPradeep Kilambi6 years
subprocessUse a new Child for each fetch.Jeff Ortel6 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  grinder-  grinder-  John Matthews3 years  grinder-  grinder-  John Matthews3 years  grinder-  grinder-  John Matthews3 years  grinder-  grinder-  James Slagle4 years  grinder-0.1.14-1.tar.gz  grinder-0.1.14-1.tar.xz  Pradeep Kilambi4 years  grinder-0.1.13-1.tar.gz  grinder-0.1.13-1.tar.xz  Pradeep Kilambi4 years  grinder-0.1.12-1.tar.gz  grinder-0.1.12-1.tar.xz  Pradeep Kilambi4 years  grinder-0.1.11-1.tar.gz  grinder-0.1.11-1.tar.xz  John Matthews4 years  grinder-0.1.10-1.tar.gz  grinder-0.1.10-1.tar.xz  Pradeep Kilambi4 years  grinder-0.1.9-1.tar.gz  grinder-0.1.9-1.tar.xz  Pradeep Kilambi4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-02-07Automatic commit of package [grinder] release [0.1.14-1].HEADgrinder-0.1.14-1masterPradeep Kilambi3-3/+7
2013-02-07include filelist before files so the file cache generates dir and ghost file ...Pradeep Kilambi2-1/+4
2013-02-07Automatic commit of package [grinder] release [0.1.13-1].grinder-0.1.13-1Pradeep Kilambi3-3/+6
2013-02-06700945 - include the changelog and files info for rpmsPradeep Kilambi2-0/+20
2012-12-19Automatic commit of package [grinder] release [0.1.12-1].grinder-0.1.12-1Pradeep Kilambi3-3/+6
2012-12-19fix the presto parser to handle xz compressed xml filesPradeep Kilambi2-0/+4
2012-12-13Automatic commit of package [grinder] release [0.1.11-1].grinder-0.1.11-1John Matthews3-3/+7
2012-12-13885264 - Repos with an existing xml:base cause pulp to generate bad repodataJohn Matthews9-7/+161
2012-12-08Automatic commit of package [grinder] release [0.1.10-1].grinder-0.1.10-1Pradeep Kilambi3-3/+8
2012-12-08885264 - yum xml dumps use the download url as the base, overrid that so we d...Pradeep Kilambi1-0/+5