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docs: add tables of callback event IDs
Add tables showing the callback event IDs are currently usable, and those that aren't
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@@ -44,6 +44,9 @@ For example, it's possible to piggyback off of an existing GCC pass by using
+ The exact arguments passed to your callback vary: consult the documentation
+ for the particular event you are wiring up to (see below).
You can pass additional arguments when registering the callback - they will
be passed to the callback after any normal arguments. This is denoted in the
descriptions of events below by `*extraargs`.
@@ -53,13 +56,25 @@ For example, it's possible to piggyback off of an existing GCC pass by using
below by `**kwargs`.
The various events are exposed as constants within the `gcc` module and
-directly wrap GCC's plugin mechanism. The exact arguments you get aren't
-well-documented there, and may be subject to change. I've tried to document
-what I've seen in GCC 4.6 here, but it's worth experimenting and printing args
-and kwargs as shown above.
+directly wrap GCC's plugin mechanism.
+The following GCC events are currently usable from the Python plugin via
+=============================================== =========
+ID Meaning
+=============================================== =========
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_ATTRIBUTES` For :doc:`creating custom GCC attributes <attributes>`
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_PRE_GENERICIZE` For working with the AST in the C and C++ frontends
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_PASS_EXECUTION` Called before each pass is executed
-Callback events
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_FINISH_UNIT` At the end of working with a translation unit (aka source file)
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_FINISH_TYPE` After a type has been parsed
+=============================================== =========
.. py:data:: gcc.PLUGIN_PASS_EXECUTION
@@ -124,14 +139,36 @@ Callback events
(`*extraargs`, `**kwargs`)
-.. Other callback events
- ---------------------
-.. (Commented out for now; probably should finish this and move it to a
- reference section)
-.. The following may need work before they're meaningfully usable from Python
- scripts:
+The remaining GCC events aren't yet usable from the plugin; an attempt to
+register a callback on them will lead to an exception being raised. Email
+the `gcc-python-plugin's mailing list
+<>`_ if you're
+interested in working with these):
+=============================================== =========
+ID Meaning
+=============================================== =========
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_PASS_MANAGER_SETUP` To hook into pass manager
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_FINISH` Called before GCC exits
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_INFO` Information about the plugin
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_GGC_START` For interacting with GCC's garbage collector
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_GGC_MARKING` (ditto)
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_GGC_END` (ditto)
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_REGISTER_GGC_ROOTS` (ditto)
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_REGISTER_GGC_CACHES` (ditto)
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_START_UNIT` Called before processing a translation unit (aka source file)
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_PRAGMAS` For registering pragmas
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_ALL_PASSES_START` Called before the first pass of the :ref:`"all other passes" gcc.Pass catchall <all_passes>`
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_ALL_PASSES_END` Called after last pass of the :ref:`"all other passes" gcc.Pass catchall <all_passes>`
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_ALL_IPA_PASSES_START` Called before the first IPA pass
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_ALL_IPA_PASSES_END` Called after last IPA pass
+:py:data:`gcc.PLUGIN_OVERRIDE_GATE` Provides a way to disable a built-in pass
+=============================================== =========
+.. Notes on the other callback events
.. py:data:: gcc.PLUGIN_ATTRIBUTES