BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f19renaming jam in jam-kde with regard to the iso nameKévin Raymond21 months
f19-betacorrecting MATE checksum availability for previous releasesRobert Mayr22 months
f20set installation guide links to F19 - to be reverted once we have F20 IG readyRobert Mayr15 months
f20-alphafix F20-Alpha ARM Xfce path to XFCERobert Mayr18 months
f20-betaupdate release time in ext release counterRobert Mayr16 months
f21-alphadrop Atomic AMI IDs - revert once they are availableRobert Mayr6 months
f21-betaAttempt a multi-lang redirectChaoyi Zha3 months
f22-alphadrop the Alpha Banner from the spins prerelease sidebarRobert Mayr3 weeks
masterdrop slash at the end of server URL in zanata config filesRobert Mayr1 min.
spins-redesignwrite down a first spins index pageRobert Mayr3 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  F22-Alpha.tar.gz  F22-Alpha.tar.xz  Kévin Raymond2 weeks  start.fpo-website.tar.gz  start.fpo-website.tar.xz  Robert Mayr2 months  F21.tar.gz  F21.tar.xz  Robert Mayr4 months  F21-Beta.tar.gz  F21-Beta.tar.xz  Robert Mayr5 months  F21-Alpha.tar.gz  F21-Alpha.tar.xz  Robert Mayr6 months  F20.tar.gz  F20.tar.xz  Kévin Raymond15 months  F20-Beta.tar.gz  F20-Beta.tar.xz  Robert Mayr16 months  F20-Alpha.tar.gz  F20-Alpha.tar.xz  Robert Mayr18 months  F19.tar.gz  F19.tar.xz  Robert Mayr21 months  F19-Beta.tar.gz  F19-Beta.tar.xz  Robert Mayr22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
1 min.drop slash at the end of server URL in zanata config filesHEADmasterRobert Mayr7-7/+7
13 hoursCreate new content for FUDCon Pune 2015Kiara Navarro5-80/+61
8 daysunfreeze translations, we are on zanata nowRobert Mayr8-0/+0
2015-03-10getfedora: more ugly cloud path image fixes.Kévin Raymond1-8/+12
2015-03-10getfedora: ugly fix for F22-Alpha Cloud raw images under x86_64/Images.Kévin Raymond1-2/+2
2015-03-09full POT and po files update for spins.fpoF22-AlphaRobert Mayr96-29658/+318838
2015-03-09PV cloud images in prerelease need to have a prerelease variableRobert Mayr1-1/+1
2015-03-09Workstation image is i686 and not i386Robert Mayr1-1/+1
2015-03-09full POT and po update - clean up unmerged pathsRobert Mayr98-12090/+12608
2015-03-09merge f22-alpha into master branchRobert Mayr721-62391/+613051