BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f20set installation guide links to F19 - to be reverted once we have F20 IG readyRobert Mayr17 months
f20-alphafix F20-Alpha ARM Xfce path to XFCERobert Mayr20 months
f20-betaupdate release time in ext release counterRobert Mayr18 months
f21-alphadrop Atomic AMI IDs - revert once they are availableRobert Mayr8 months
f21-betaAttempt a multi-lang redirectChaoyi Zha6 months
f22add a small banner to redirect users to labs.fpoRobert Mayr2 hours
f22-alphadrop the Alpha Banner from the spins prerelease sidebarRobert Mayr3 months
f22-betaadd F22-Beta Frankfurt AMI IDRobert Mayr5 weeks
masterlabs POT updateRobert Mayr20 hours
spins-redesignadd design header and textRobert Mayr6 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge  F22.tar.gz  F22.tar.xz  Robert Mayr2 days  F22-Beta.tar.gz  F22-Beta.tar.xz  Robert Mayr5 weeks  F22-Alpha.tar.gz  F22-Alpha.tar.xz  Kévin Raymond3 months  start.fpo-website.tar.gz  start.fpo-website.tar.xz  Robert Mayr4 months  F21.tar.gz  F21.tar.xz  Robert Mayr6 months  F21-Beta.tar.gz  F21-Beta.tar.xz  Robert Mayr7 months  F21-Alpha.tar.gz  F21-Alpha.tar.xz  Robert Mayr8 months  F20.tar.gz  F20.tar.xz  Kévin Raymond17 months  F20-Beta.tar.gz  F20-Beta.tar.xz  Robert Mayr18 months  F20-Alpha.tar.gz  F20-Alpha.tar.xz  Robert Mayr20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
20 hourslabs POT updateHEADmasterRobert Mayr1-2/+8
20 hoursfix PCL feature in Robotics pageRobert Mayr1-2/+2
46 hoursFix download links for Cloud Base & AtomicPaul W. Frields2-18/+18
2 dayslabs POT updateF22Robert Mayr1-3/+7
2 daysLabs image sizes are in GB not in MBRobert Mayr5-10/+10
2 daysdo not use hardcoded release version in text stringsRobert Mayr2-2/+2
2 daysunfreeze translations in all websitesRobert Mayr4-0/+0
2 daysgetfedora POT updateRobert Mayr1-40/+43
2 daysmerge branch f22 into master - F22 GA release dateRobert Mayr1481-571653/+412017
2 daysadd AMI IDs also in GP2 formatRobert Mayr3-90/+126