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atomic-checksumdefine atomic_composedate and update checksum.js to make them work dynamicallyRobert Mayr9 months
budgetLess is more. Comment out extra descriptive text.Remy DeCausemaker9 months
f22add a small banner to redirect users to labs.fpoRobert Mayr18 months
f23resize icons in the main pageRobert Mayr13 months
f23-alphatest localized lang attribute instead of english only - #339Robert Mayr15 months
f23-betaadd FUDCon Cordoba groupfoto do fudcon.fp.oRobert Mayr14 months
f23-beta-automatic-stuffComment out F22 auto-ami stuff for now.Ralph Bean15 months
flock2016Merge branch 'master' into flock2016Robert Mayr9 months
masterMerge branch 'budget'Robert Mayr9 months
two-week-atomicLast minute fix.Ralph Bean12 months
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2016-02-27Merge branch 'budget'HEADmasterRobert Mayr251-0/+36697
2016-02-26Less is more. Comment out extra descriptive text.budgetRemy DeCausemaker1-9/+77
2016-02-26Complete port of wiki content into something like a v1.0Remy DeCausemaker1-4/+95
2016-02-26TOC. Sections Stubbed. Background done. Budget Numbers Table.Remy DeCausemaker1-0/+111
2016-02-25variables need a $Robert Mayr1-1/+1
2016-02-25define atomic_composedate and update checksum.js to make them work dynamicallyatomic-checksumRobert Mayr2-13/+15
2016-02-25Revert "try another way for dynamic atomic checksums"Robert Mayr7-108/+27
2016-02-24try another way for dynamic atomic checksumsRobert Mayr7-27/+108
2016-02-24Use atomic_composedate for atomic checksums.Ralph Bean1-4/+4
2016-02-24Merge branch 'atomic-checksum' of ssh:// i...Ralph Bean1-1/+1