BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f22add a small banner to redirect users to labs.fpoRobert Mayr9 months
f22-betaadd F22-Beta Frankfurt AMI IDRobert Mayr10 months
f23resize icons in the main pageRobert Mayr3 months
f23-alphatest localized lang attribute instead of english only - #339Robert Mayr5 months
f23-betaadd FUDCon Cordoba groupfoto do fudcon.fp.oRobert Mayr5 months
f23-beta-automatic-stuffComment out F22 auto-ami stuff for now.Ralph Bean5 months
flock2016add a banner and give pages more space on the bottomRobert Mayr13 days
masterremove locale sections on all zanata.xml files and use the alias on the serverRobert Mayr2 days
spins-redesignadd design header and textRobert Mayr10 months
two-week-atomicLast minute fix.Ralph Bean2 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  F23.tar.gz  F23.tar.xz  Robert Mayr3 months  F23-Beta.tar.gz  F23-Beta.tar.xz  Robert Mayr5 months  F23-Alpha.tar.gz  F23-Alpha.tar.xz  Robert Mayr6 months  F22.tar.gz  F22.tar.xz  Robert Mayr9 months  F22-Beta.tar.gz  F22-Beta.tar.xz  Robert Mayr10 months  F22-Alpha.tar.gz  F22-Alpha.tar.xz  K√©vin Raymond11 months  start.fpo-website.tar.gz  start.fpo-website.tar.xz  Robert Mayr13 months  F21.tar.gz  F21.tar.xz  Robert Mayr14 months  F21-Beta.tar.gz  F21-Beta.tar.xz  Robert Mayr15 months  F21-Alpha.tar.gz  F21-Alpha.tar.xz  Robert Mayr17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 daysremove locale sections on all zanata.xml files and use the alias on the serverHEADmasterRobert Mayr10-990/+0
6 daysmake sponsorship mobile friendly tooRobert Mayr1-6/+6
6 daysflocktofedora: Change prospectus to placeholder, not quite readyPaul W. Frields1-1/+1
7 daysflocktofedora: Small wordiness fixPaul W. Frields1-1/+1
7 daysflocktofedora: Make a nicer prospectus blockPaul W. Frields1-1/+4
7 daysflocktofedora: general sponsor info and prospectus placeholderPaul W. Frields1-1/+20
7 daysflocktofedora: Add sponsorship divsPaul W. Frields1-4/+72
12 daysmake index mobile friendlyRobert Mayr1-6/+6
12 daysdrop uk.fcomm.o - inactiveRobert Mayr1-2/+1
13 daysadd a banner and give pages more space on the bottomflock2016Robert Mayr5-4/+31