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Update readme/info for ipxe.
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-Fedora infrastructure build's it's private BFO instance with this:
-Place this in embedded script:
-========== Snip ==========
-echo Please provide, IP address, Netmask, Gateway and Router
-ifopen net0
-config net0
-set 209:string pxelinux.cfg/default
-set 210:string
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-To build the gpxe images, first download the source tarball from cvs. Then: uses ipxe for it's boot images.
-cd src
-cp /path/to/bfo/*gpxe ./
-sudo ln -s /usr/share/syslinux /usr/lib/syslinux
-make EMBEDDED_IMAGE=dhcp.gpxe,static.gpxe bin/gpxe.iso
+From time to time we want to refresh the ipxe images used.
+This is to update for new hardware enablement or fix bugs.
+Where possible, such updates should be done outside of any
+release freezes.
+To rebuild the ipxe images, check out the latest upstream tree from git:
-Note: Building new pxe images should really only be used to fix bugs in gpxe.
-BFO menus and things are downloaded with every boot so new pxe images don't
-need to be built for most changes.
+git clone git://
+cd ipxe/src
+make a script0.ipxe there, containing:
+--cut here--
+set 209:string pxelinux.cfg/default
+set 210:string
+dhcp || goto manualnet
+echo Please provide, IP address, Netmask, Gateway and Router
+ifopen net0
+config net0
+--cut here--
+Then, make the images with:
+make EMBED=script0.ipxe
+Copy the resulting binaries to secondary01: