BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
jankratochvil/cfaloopDetect infinite backtraces.Jan Kratochvil4 months
jankratochvil/deletedSupport live PIDs with deleted files.Jan Kratochvil4 months
jankratochvil/devmemAccess deleted files by /dev/PID/mem.Jan Kratochvil2 months
jankratochvil/ppc64bidirProvide virtual symbols for ppc64 function descriptorsJan Kratochvil5 months
jankratochvil/ppc64bidir-unwindppcunwinder: ppc and ppc64Jan Kratochvil5 months
masterreadelf: handle_core_item make sure variable length array isn't zero size.Mark Wielaard14 hours
mjw/aarch64-unwindbackends: Add aarch64 native and core unwind support.Mark Wielaard2 weeks
mjw/dwelftests/allfcts.c: Install alternate debug informationFlorian Weimer11 hours
portableMerge branch 'master' into portableMark Wielaard4 months
robustifyMerge branch 'master' into robustifyMark Wielaard4 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  elfutils-0.158.tar.gz  elfutils-0.158.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard4 months  elfutils-0.157.tar.gz  elfutils-0.157.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard7 months  elfutils-0.156.tar.gz  elfutils-0.156.tar.xz  Jan Kratochvil9 months  elfutils-0.155.tar.gz  elfutils-0.155.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard20 months  elfutils-0.154.tar.gz  elfutils-0.154.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard22 months  elfutils-0.153.tar.gz  elfutils-0.153.tar.xz  Mark J. Wielaard2 years  elfutils-0.152.tar.gz  elfutils-0.152.tar.xz  Ulrich Drepper3 years  elfutils-0.151.tar.gz  elfutils-0.151.tar.xz  Ulrich Drepper3 years  elfutils-0.150.tar.gz  elfutils-0.150.tar.xz  Ulrich Drepper3 years  elfutils-0.149.tar.gz  elfutils-0.149.tar.xz  Roland McGrath4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
14 hoursreadelf: handle_core_item make sure variable length array isn't zero size.HEADmasterMark Wielaard2-1/+6
14 hourslibdwfl: __libdwfl_frame_reg_[gs]et use uint64_t when checking bits.Mark Wielaard2-2/+8
14 hoursreadelf.c (print_gdb_index_section): Use unsigned int for 31 bits left shift.Mark Wielaard2-1/+6
14 hourslibdw (get_sleb128_step): Remove undefined behavior.Mark Wielaard2-2/+7
29 hourstests: use test = not == for string comparisons.Mark Wielaard2-1/+5
39 hoursUnwinding is only supported on LinuxKurt Roeckx11-4/+152
7 daysRemove mudflap build option.Mark Wielaard25-183/+138
9 daysreadelf: Read the decompressed data when processing .zdebug DWARF sections.Mark Wielaard7-9/+575
10 daysreadelf: convert up to a target long in buf_read_ulong.Mark Wielaard6-3/+78
11 daysbackends: Add aarch64 native and core unwind support.Mark Wielaard10-2/+137