BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterPrepare for elfutils 0.168 release.Mark Wielaard2 months
mjw/DWARF5libdw: Add DW_MACRO constants and DW_MACRO_GNU compatibility defines.Mark Wielaard4 months
mjw/RH-DTSUse -fPIC everywhere (instead of -fpic), also with bpf_disasm.Mark Wielaard5 months
mjw/compressreadelf: Extend -z to dumping hex and string sections (-x and -p).Mark Wielaard16 months
mjw/compress2readelf: Extend -z to dumping hex and string sections (-x and -p).Mark Wielaard16 months
mjw/compress3libelf: Make elf_strptr index correctly into compressed section data.Mark Wielaard15 months
mjw/compress4elfcompress: New utility.Mark Wielaard14 months
mjw/elfstrmergeunstrip: Update sh_info when SH_INFO_LINK_P, not just when SHF_INFO_LINK set.Mark Wielaard17 months
mjw/leakstests: Use valgrind --leak-check=full.Mark Wielaard15 months
mjw/pendingreadelf: Warn when uncompressing fails and error when gelf_getshdr fails.Mark Wielaard13 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  elfutils-0.168.tar.gz  elfutils-0.168.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard2 months  elfutils-0.167.tar.gz  elfutils-0.167.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard6 months  elfutils-0.166.tar.gz  elfutils-0.166.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard11 months  elfutils-0.165.tar.gz  elfutils-0.165.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard14 months  elfutils-0.164.tar.gz  elfutils-0.164.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard16 months  elfutils-0.163.tar.gz  elfutils-0.163.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard20 months  elfutils-0.162.tar.gz  elfutils-0.162.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard21 months  dts-0.161.tar.gz  dts-0.161.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard2 years  elfutils-0.161.tar.gz  elfutils-0.161.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard2 years  elfutils-0.160.tar.gz  elfutils-0.160.tar.xz  Mark Wielaard3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-12-27Prepare for elfutils 0.168 release.HEADelfutils-0.168masterMark Wielaard11-5199/+5191
2016-12-24 is now hosted at Wielaard31-250/+169
2016-12-07libelf: gelf_newehdr and gelf_newehdr should return void *.Akihiko Odaki4-10/+22
2016-11-23Only workaround fts.h if we have a bad version that doesn't handle LFS.Mark Wielaard4-8/+33
2016-11-17readelf: Add optional --symbols[=SECTION] argument to select section name.Mark Wielaard4-1/+41
2016-11-11ar: Fix GCC7 -Wformat-length issues.Mark Wielaard3-10/+28
2016-11-10libelf: Sanity check offset and size before trying to malloc and read data.Mark Wielaard2-0/+16
2016-11-10libelf: Always set ELF maxsize when reading an ELF file for sanity checks.Mark Wielaard2-18/+27
2016-11-10libdw: Correct spelling of DW_LANG_PLI in dwarf.h.Mark Wielaard4-4/+16
2016-11-10Add GCC7 -Wimplicit-fallthrough support/fixes.Mark Wielaard25-18/+89