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f18Removing temp filesDayle Parker3 years
f19created branch for f19. and added Japanese translation for f19.Tadashi Jokagi12 months
f22Removed 2.2, and 2.21, and moving machine between computers in Boxes as it do...Glen Rundblom7 months
f23correct productnamePete Travis3 months
kvanwessIntroduction update first lineKirsti van Wessel8 weeks
masterfixed text to match screeens for virtmanagerSandra McCann5 months
remove_RHEL_refsChanged RHEL references to Fedora- made follow-up notesDayle Parker4 years
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2015-09-21fixed text to match screeens for virtmanagerHEADmasterSandra McCann1-11/+9
2015-07-23Removed 2.2, and 2.21, and moving machine between computers in Boxes as it do...Glen Rundblom3-86/+24
2015-07-21Fixed revision historyGlen Rundblom1-1/+16
2015-07-19Deleting multiple boxes has changed since Fedora21, changed the wording on ho...Glen Rundblom6-3/+75
2015-07-19Boxes in Fedora 22 has changed the icon for the menu button from a wrench and...Glen Rundblom4-3/+36
2015-07-19Added screenshots for how to connect to a computer via VNC within boxes, new ...Glen Rundblom8-7/+65
2015-07-19Created Screen shot for create button, also began a better way to store scree...Glen Rundblom7-5/+14
2015-07-19Created new screen shots for ISO image selection and VM customizationGlen Rundblom5-0/+41
2015-07-19Created and added a screenshot on clicking new in the boxes GUIGlen Rundblom2-0/+9
2015-07-19added boxes icon to the boxes chapter, more screen shots to followGlen Rundblom3-0/+9