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f18Removing temp filesDayle Parker12 months
masterUpdated XML tags in Author_Group file to build in PublicanDayle Parker9 months
remove_RHEL_refsChanged RHEL references to Fedora- made follow-up notesDayle Parker21 months
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2013-08-05Updated XML tags in Author_Group file to build in PublicanHEADmasterDayle Parker1-1/+2
2013-08-05Fixed xml tags in Author Group fileDayle Parker1-2/+6
2013-06-12Changed component to Fedora 19; readied for draft publish to siteDayle Parker2-1/+15
2013-06-10Changed references to Virt Admin Guide to Virt Deployment & Admin Guide; Adde...Dayle Parker6-73/+84
2013-06-10Edited vitrio-rng description for F19Dayle Parker2-6/+27
2013-05-27Revised CPU Models section according to SME feedbackDayle Parker2-6/+43
2013-05-09Revised live storage migration desrciptionDayle Parker2-8/+21
2013-05-06Adding .gitignore fileDayle Parker1-0/+5
2013-05-06Rearranged Migration section and included storage migration feature descripti...Dayle Parker5-11/+34
2013-05-03Made changes throughout book to update for F19, according to RHEL7 contentDayle Parker8-156/+205