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f13l10n: it-IT Chapter 1luigi votta4 years
f15missing screenshot.Guillermo Gomez S. (Gomix)3 years
f16Merge branch 'f16' of ssh:// Gomez S. (Gomix)2 years
f17Redordering some filesGuillermo Gómez13 months
f18Working on a f19 version, skipping f18Guillermo Gómez9 months
f19synfp for f20 addedGuillermo Gómez5 months
f20Las_interfases_GUI_de_gnome-software.po en_US l10nEduardo Mayorga7 weeks
fc3convert to build in PublicanRuediger Landmann4 years
masterFixes for Publican 4Jared K. Smith4 weeks
rebaseMake a slight correction to the .po fileJared K. Smith3 years
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2014-03-21Fixes for Publican 4HEADmasterJared K. Smith1-0/+0
2014-01-16First translation of Gestion_avanzada_de_repositorios_yum.po into EnglishJared K. Smith1-144/+1147
2014-01-15Translate Elementos_de_la_gestion_rpm.po to EnglishJared K. Smith1-28/+235
2014-01-13Add some more translationsJared K. Smith1-28/+149
2014-01-13Add translation for the Acknowledgements sectionJared K. Smith1-10/+35
2013-11-17push previous to branch to f20Guillermo Gómez4-72/+228
2013-09-03New yum.conf files in extrasGuillermo Gómez2-0/+35
2013-09-02F19 mock config addedGuillermo Gómez1-0/+9
2013-08-04new screenshot for gpk-dbus-serviceGuillermo Gómez1-0/+0
2013-08-04new screenshots for gpk-dbus-serviceGuillermo Gómez10-0/+0