BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
compsstartinitial import of extras comps fileJeremy Katz9 years
masterMATE: use f22-backgrounds-baseraveit6546 hours
originmake yum-langpacks optional for now (until #569352 is resolved at least)Jens Petersen5 years
rhel5remove non-rhel5 content from .po filesDennis Gregorovic7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
46 hoursMATE: use f22-backgrounds-baseHEADmasterraveit652-2/+2
48 hoursHigh Availability: add clufter as optional (f22+)Jan Pokorný2-0/+2
3 dayskde-desktop: +adwaita-gtk2 breeze-icons konsole5 phonon-qt5-gst plasma-breezeRex Dieter1-2/+5
3 dayskde-desktop: +breeze-icon-theme konsole5 phonon-qt5-backend-gst plasma-breezeRex Dieter1-1/+4
3 dayskde-desktop: -oxygen-gtk,+adwaita-gtk2-themeRex Dieter1-1/+1
3 daysDrop libxfcegui4 and plugins using it from f22 as well.Kevin Fenzi1-6/+0
4 days- Update to use pcmanfm-qt on comps, as all gone tpo Qt5Helio Chissini de Castro3-3/+3
5 daysDrop old libxfcegui4 and plugins based on it from xfce groups.Kevin Fenzi1-6/+0
7 dayskde-desktop: +kwin,+plasma-desktopRex Dieter2-0/+4
8 daysupdate dhclient -> dhcp-clientPeter Robinson2-2/+2