BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
RHEL510gfs2_edit: Add a savemeta file metadata headerAndrew Price2 years
RHEL511Remove locking from gfs_write_inodeBenjamin Marzinski2 years
RHEL59gfs_controld: fix plock transfer during first mount recoveryDavid Teigland3 years
RHEL6mkfs.gfs2: Open the target device with O_EXCLAndrew Price2 months
RHEL62cman init: fix handling of lock fileFabio M. Di Nitto3 years
RHEL64gfs2_grow: report bad return codes on errorBob Peterson3 years
RHEL65mount.gfs2: Don't leave mount group if mount returns EBUSYAndrew Price2 years
RHEL6x-feature-schema-hardeningrng: FO validation: no use of nofailback in unordered domainJan Pokorný3 years
STABLE32cman: Properly check for votes when node names aren't specifiedChristine Caulfield9 months
STABLE32-feature-schema-hardeningrng: <cman> validation: disjoint @broadcast - @transportJan Pokorný23 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  cluster-3.2.0.tar.gz  cluster-3.2.0.tar.xz  digimer4 years  cluster-3.1.93.tar.gz  cluster-3.1.93.tar.xz  Fabio M. Di Nitto4 years  cluster-3.1.92.tar.gz  cluster-3.1.92.tar.xz  Digimer4 years  cluster-3.1.91.tar.gz  cluster-3.1.91.tar.xz  Digimer4 years  cluster-3.1.90.tar.gz  cluster-3.1.90.tar.xz  Madison Kelly5 years  cluster-3.1.8.tar.gz  cluster-3.1.8.tar.xz  Digital Mermaid5 years  cluster-3.1.7.tar.gz  cluster-3.1.7.tar.xz  Fabio M. Di Nitto5 years  cluster-3.1.6.tar.gz  cluster-3.1.6.tar.xz  Fabio M. Di Nitto5 years  cluster-3.1.5.tar.gz  cluster-3.1.5.tar.xz  Fabio M. Di Nitto5 years  cluster-3.1.4.tar.gz  cluster-3.1.4.tar.xz  Fabio M. Di Nitto5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2010-11-25obsolete master branchHEADmasterFabio M. Di Nitto122-22529/+3
2010-03-16cman: Make cman-notifyd use corosync reload callbacksChristine Caulfield1-51/+39
2010-03-11cman: Make cman_notifyd use corosync calls rather than libcmanChristine Caulfield2-83/+178
2010-01-12misc: update copyright year across the boardFabio M. Di Nitto2-5/+5
2009-12-03cman: remove set_networking_paramsDavid Teigland1-40/+0
2009-11-25build: relax autotools requirementFabio M. Di Nitto1-2/+2
2009-11-19qdisk: fix possible has_holder value leakFabio M. Di Nitto1-5/+5
2009-11-02qdiskd: Make qdiskd stop crying wolfLon Hohberger1-1/+2
2009-10-21qdiskd: fix () so that it actually works againFabio M. Di Nitto1-2/+2
2009-10-13cman: Move token timeout into header fileLon Hohberger2-1/+3