BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRename doc/schema to doc/schema.ldif.Petr Spacek42 hours
v1.0Skip invalid records.Jiri Kuncar4 years
v2Fix crash caused by race condition during resolver cache flushingPetr Spacek3 months
v3Bump NVR to 3.7.Petr Spacek8 months
v4Add log message about initial LDAP synchronization.Petr Spacek8 months
v5Add log message about initial LDAP synchronization.Petr Spacek8 months
v6Bump NVR to 6.1.Petr Spacek6 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  bind-dyndb-ldap-7.0.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-7.0.tar.xz  Petr Spacek4 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-6.1.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-6.1.tar.xz  Petr Spacek6 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-6.0.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-6.0.tar.xz  Petr Spacek8 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.3.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.3.tar.xz  Petr Spacek8 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.2.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.2.tar.xz  Petr Spacek8 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-4.5.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-4.5.tar.xz  Petr Spacek8 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-3.7.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-3.7.tar.xz  Petr Spacek8 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.1.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.1.tar.xz  Petr Spacek10 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.0.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.0.tar.xz  Petr Spacek11 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-4.4.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-4.4.tar.xz  Petr Spacek11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
42 hoursRename doc/schema to doc/schema.ldif.HEADmasterPetr Spacek2-1/+1
42 hoursFix doc/schema ordering to be compatible with OpenLDAP.Petr Spacek1-116/+126
42 hoursAdd COSINE schema attributes to doc/schema.Petr Spacek1-3/+43
42 hoursTurn doc/schema into a valid LDIF file.Petr Spacek1-312/+308
4 daysRemove unused files rdlist.c and rdlist.h.Petr Spacek6-312/+0
5 daysSilence warning about dead assignment.Petr Spacek1-3/+1
5 daysRemove dead code from sync_ptr_validate().Petr Spacek1-3/+0
8 daysAdd includes to zone.c to improve compatibility with BIND 9.9.4.Petr Spacek1-0/+3
8 daysSyncPTR: New PTR records inherit TTL value from respective A/AAAA records.Petr Spacek3-5/+7
8 daysSyncPTR: Do not return SERVFAIL if reverse zone does not exist.Petr Spacek2-2/+9