BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd schema for unknown record types.Petr Spacek38 hours
v1.0Skip invalid records.Jiri Kuncar4 years
v2Fix crash caused by race condition during resolver cache flushingPetr Spacek3 months
v3Bump NVR to 3.7.Petr Spacek9 months
v4Add log message about initial LDAP synchronization.Petr Spacek8 months
v5Add log message about initial LDAP synchronization.Petr Spacek8 months
v6Bump NVR to 6.1.Petr Spacek6 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  bind-dyndb-ldap-7.0.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-7.0.tar.xz  Petr Spacek4 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-6.1.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-6.1.tar.xz  Petr Spacek6 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-6.0.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-6.0.tar.xz  Petr Spacek8 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.3.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.3.tar.xz  Petr Spacek8 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.2.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.2.tar.xz  Petr Spacek9 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-4.5.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-4.5.tar.xz  Petr Spacek9 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-3.7.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-3.7.tar.xz  Petr Spacek9 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.1.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.1.tar.xz  Petr Spacek10 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.0.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-5.0.tar.xz  Petr Spacek11 months  bind-dyndb-ldap-4.4.tar.gz  bind-dyndb-ldap-4.4.tar.xz  Petr Spacek11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
38 hoursAdd schema for unknown record types.HEADmasterPetr Spacek1-1/+9
38 hoursSupport unknown record types (RFC 3597).Petr Spacek5-40/+152
2 daysRemove dependency on entry->dn to avoid problems with reconstructed entries.Petr Spacek5-128/+195
2 daysRemove dangling declarations for ldap_entrylist_*.Petr Spacek1-12/+0
2 daysAdd memory context to ldap_entry_t.Petr Spacek3-17/+20
2 daysSupport LDAP MODRDN for ordinary DNS records.Petr Spacek1-55/+78
2 daysStore object class, generation number, and DNS names into meta-LDAP DB.Petr Spacek1-0/+4
2 daysAdd LDAP UUID -> meta-database name mapping function.Petr Spacek1-0/+1
2 daysMove SOA serial update functions to zone.c.Petr Spacek1-0/+1
4 daysUpdate and standardize copyright headers; introduce AUTHORS file.Petr Spacek43-567/+100