BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dupRemove debug shells and copy data to anaconda environmentMartin Sivak14 months
f18-beta-branchMake language groups work again (#873865)Jesse Keating17 months
f18-beta2-branchNew version.Brian C. Lane17 months
f18-branchNew version.Brian C. Lane14 months
f19-branchNew version.Brian C. Lane10 months
f20-branchFix image device teardownBrian C. Lane6 weeks
masterRelabel /home partition if using and existing one (#1087736)Vratislav Podzimek4 hours
rhel5-branchNew release.Radek Vykydal11 months
rhel6-branchNew version. (13.21.215-1)Samantha N. Bueno6 months
rhel7-branchNew version - 19.31.77Brian C. Lane14 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  anaconda-21.33-1.tar.gz  anaconda-21.33-1.tar.xz  Brian C. Lane5 days  anaconda-21.32-1.tar.gz  anaconda-21.32-1.tar.xz  Brian C. Lane12 days  anaconda-19.31.77-1.tar.gz  anaconda-19.31.77-1.tar.xz  Brian C. Lane14 days  anaconda-19.31.76-1.tar.gz  anaconda-19.31.76-1.tar.xz  Brian C. Lane2 weeks  anaconda-21.31-1.tar.gz  anaconda-21.31-1.tar.xz  Brian C. Lane3 weeks  anaconda-21.30-1.tar.gz  anaconda-21.30-1.tar.xz  Brian C. Lane3 weeks  anaconda-19.31.75-1.tar.gz  anaconda-19.31.75-1.tar.xz  Brian C. Lane3 weeks  anaconda-19.31.74-1.tar.gz  anaconda-19.31.74-1.tar.xz  Brian C. Lane4 weeks  anaconda-19.31.73-1.tar.gz  anaconda-19.31.73-1.tar.xz  Brian C. Lane4 weeks  anaconda-21.29-1.tar.gz  anaconda-21.29-1.tar.xz  Brian C. Lane4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 hoursRelabel /home partition if using and existing one (#1087736)HEADmasterVratislav Podzimek1-1/+3
4 hoursDon't forget to call os._exit() in the child processVratislav Podzimek1-1/+4
20 hoursusers: Add root= keyword argument to set{User,Root}PasswordColin Walters1-12/+17
20 hoursusers: Deduplicate code to fork()+chroot()Colin Walters1-61/+38
21 hoursgui/spokes/software: Enable iff payload is PackagePayloadColin Walters2-4/+4
42 hoursUse descriptive pylint messages instead of numbers.Chris Lumens43-79/+79
47 hoursAdd input validation to the source spoke.David Shea2-11/+209
47 hoursRemove the tests for duplicate and invalid repo namesDavid Shea2-180/+11
47 hoursExpand the proxy URL validation.David Shea2-9/+45
47 hoursConvert the repository name test into a regexDavid Shea3-3/+73